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Ego Death

Collection size: 222

This collection is a study of identity in the modern digital era, increasingly dominated by NFT profile pictures. We all construct complex identities to project out into the world, perhaps to distract ourselves from facing the real question that is gnawing at our subconscious. "Who am I?" The moment we feel ourselves begin to grasp an answer it recedes further out of reach leaving us in free fall. The good news is there is no ground.

A long form generative art PFP project. Read more... Presents:

Window to the Soul

Collection size: 111

A long form generative art collection of eyes - uncannily real, yet supernatural. It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. What does the digital soul look like?

Each piece is animated in 3D and is resolution-independent, meaning it will scale to any size of digital display without any loss in quality or resolution. Animations are non-repeating and continue forever. Read more...

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